Maps & Design

Established in 2010, Tombolo Maps & Design has over a decade of experience working with clients from all backgrounds to create the perfect maps for their needs.

Our Services

Tombolo Maps & Design is passionate about making maps that disseminate geospatial information in ways that local communities and broad international audiences alike can understand, appreciate, and learn from!

Print Cartography

Create award-winning, custom, print cartography for a myriad of uses and audiences ranging from simple locator maps to detailed, data-heavy map series.

(Tombolo Maps & Design print map for the Hanna Institute)

Museum Exhibits

Work with museums and design firms to develop maps that seamlessly integrate with new and existing exhibits and provide valuable context to museum visitors.

(Tombolo Maps & Design cartography, concept/design by Berenbaum Jacobs Associates, and fabrication by Pacific Studio; created for the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum)

Interactive Maps

Develop custom interactive maps from basic where-to-find-your-business maps to more intricate maps with pop-up windows and togglable data.

(Tombolo Maps & Design interactive map for Área de Conservación Guanacaste)

GIS Analysis & Data Processing

Help find, collect, digitize, analyze, and process geospatial data for your mapping projects or include this work in Tombolo Maps & Design's own cartographic process.

(Tombolo Maps & Design sourced and visualized geospatial data, custom map art by Nifty Mapworks)

Participatory Mapping

Provide advisory services to assist in best practice participatory mapping initiatives, with particular expertise in the Caribbean and small island developing states.

(Ollivierre assisting The Nature Conservancy with the facilitation of a marine spatial planning workshop)

Local KNowledge Data

Also provide advisory services to assist in best practice local knowledge data collection, management, visualization, and ensuring community knowledge is properly respected. 

(Ollivierre conducting local ecological knowledge data interviews for Birds of the Transboundary Grenadines)

Data Visualization & Graphic Design

Develop complete design packages for maps (such as trailhead signage, brochures, and posters) as well as infographics and custom map symbology.

(Tombolo Maps & Design print map poster for Participatory Mapping of Heritage Sites in the Grenadine Islands)

Custom Jewelry

Design custom, handmade, geospatially accurate—but wonderfully, uniquely imperfect—jewelry of anywhere in the world. Each piece is created upon request.

(Tombolo Jewelry earrings of Cebu Island in the Philippines)



Share insight and advice based on personal and professional experiences in the form of career mentorship to students and young professionals.

Offer free mentorship through the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) Mentor Program and Middlebury College's MiddMentors Alumni Program. Other mentorship opportunities available at a sliding scale upon request.

(Ollivierre presenting at the BirdsCaribbean Conference in Jamaica)

Custom Artwork For Your Maps

Tombolo Maps & Design works with incredible artists to add unique, custom illustrated artwork to maps upon request. 

Anusha is an illustrator and graphic designer with a bold and colorful artistic style and a passion for wildlife.
(Tombolo cartography, art by Anusha Jiandani)

Scott is an illustrated map designer and artist with an eye for detail that extends from the natural to the built world.
(Tombolo cartography, art by Scott Schiller)


Tombolo Maps & Design is proud to have worked with an incredibly diverse client base from across the world, including:

Tombolo Maps & Design is excited to learn more about what we can map or design for you!